Let’s start at the very beginning…

28 01 2010

It occurs to me that today is the day to begin my blog.

My project is taking shape – I know this because I am starting to feel the itchy prickles of trepidation on my arms and legs and I can no longer articulate exactly what it is I am trying to do. Ha! Yes, the perfect day to begin a blog.

I am teaching myself to cook.  I am having a love affair with cooking! It excites me; it feeds me; it preoccupies me – I go to bed thinking about recipes and flavours and produce and wake up with a bountiful repast simmering in my mind. This has lasted much longer than any of my other fancies – and God knows there have been many.

Last year, around May (let’s say), I felt an idea tickle my attention. I wanted to create a collection of menus that would match the many occasions of my life.  So, for example, if my friend Tracy called me one morning (not too early or she’d know I wouldn’t answer) to suggest a small gathering of intimate friends on the beach for dinner, I could turn to my trusty collection and thumb through the well worn pages to “Beach Picnic” and find all the details of the perfect menu and, more importantly, how to achieve it.

I think what most interests me about this idea, is deconstructing an event into smaller detailed steps. A recipe for a whole day, so to speak. I thought I would choose 5-10 specific days and create a whole menu around them, complete with shopping lists,  juggling stove top hierarchies, helpful tweens, not so helpful tweens, budget restrictions, vegetarian needs, part-time gluten free requirements – all the details and minutiae of the day tossed into the pot for an interesting tale.

This is step 1. of the process.




One response

1 02 2010

I Love You Mumma…

This Is All Very Inspiring!!!

❤ xox

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