sleepy daze

1 02 2010

I can’t quite get myself in gear. After a delightfully slothful yesterday, I would have thought I’d be full of beans today. It could be the weather, although it’s fairly nondescript – neither hot nor cold, humid nor dry. Perhaps it is the anticipation of school starting again tomorrow and me resisting the very idea!

I love school holidays. I love the pace and the conversations and the ability to be impromptu. I love the creativity and energy that a day with no schedule allows. Spending hours and hours with Zuzu – sometimes just chatting, other times being productive, is a joy to me.

Don’t get me wrong, there are days when I am out of steam and would love some time to myself, but she is pretty self directed and I guess, as a single child, she has learned many techniques for occupying herself. I very seldom hear, these days, “Mumma, what can I do?”

Yesterday was a day of lounging and napping and eating chocolate and reading amusing articles from the internet. It rained quite hard and there was no better place to be than home.

This morning, I woke at 7am and came out to start my day. The kitchen looked like a strange art installation and even after M’s wonderful island coffee cappuccino, I felt myself snarling in anticipation of fixing that particular disaster.  Then I remembered that I had fresh strawberries, blueberries, apples and peaches (from my tree) and I decided to concoct a delicious fruit salad.

I washed all the fruit I could find; cored and sliced it and arranged it all in a crystal bowl… there is just something so magical about tasty and healthy food served in pretty bowls. I squeezed an orange directly over the top to moisten the fruit and unify the flavour and added a small handful of dried cranberries for interest. Oh my! To be honest, I was rummaging for a little 70% cocoa chocolate to toss in but must have crashed the stash already.

I have a bunch of errands to run in the village. I am so glad that it is Tuesday and the island will be empty of long-weekenders. Yes, I know how snooty that makes me sound 🙂 I have to gather all the school bits and pieces and make sure I have something good for Zuzu’s lunch.  Packing school lunches has periodically been quite a challenge. Zuzu is an adventurous eater and willing to eat outside the box, so to speak. Still, she likes variety and even if I find a lunch that she  loves which is healthy and tasty, I only have about 3 weeks before I must find an alternative. I know a lot of people would provide a lunch and insist it be eaten or else. I can’t see the value in that, aside from my own convenience. I want Zuzu to have healthy and adventurous eating habits and as far as I can tell, I must model them. I also want her to be well fed and able to function at a high level with appropriate energy.  She is, however, expected to help me prepare the meals. Especially as she gets older, I will be handing over meal duties a few days per week. I will still make the lunches – after all, how much longer will I get to do that?




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