inside the box

5 02 2010

School started and suddenly it feels as if summer is drawing to a close. The temperature is warm, the air is still, the days are long but the imposition of a schedule immediately dampens my bright spirits. Yes, I need to shake it off and remember how beautiful these days are.

I moved surprisingly swiftly into the school lunch mode. Zuzu requested salad sandwiches for lunch so I have been giving her:

A whole wheat roll with a little hummus, sweet chili sauce, lettuce, cucumber and the smallest slither of vegetarian cheese.  I slice tomato, roasted beetroot and gherkins into a small container to be added to the sandwich at lunch time (no-one likes  soggy tomato flavoured bread). I also throw in a piece of fruit, or two depending on the size, a small container of nuts, a handful of rice crackers and some sliced red peppers.

Each day, so far, she has brought home an empty lunch box. Obviously, she will tire of this at some point and need a bit of variety but I am encouraged by the start.

I will add a few photos soon. I always find a visual representation so helpful for context and stimulation and more compelling than just text.




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