the whole shebang

16 03 2011

I am doing it all!

I’m having my cake and eating it. I have placed all my eggs  in one basket. I’m juggling. I have a bird in each hand and several others in the bush. I’ve added fuel to my fire. I’ve gone out on a limb. But there’s method in my madness – as long as I don’t run out of steam. OK, I am finished indulging myself with this idiom idiocy.

I am now underway in two post-graduate degree programmes. I know! What am I thinking? Less than 6 weeks ago I was thrilled to have discovered an opportunity to study Creative Writing at a graduate level and I was certain that a delicious new path was spreading tidily before me. A few days later, when I was offered a place in the coveted Graduate Teaching Diploma programme, I wondered if I could do both.

Here I am. I’m wriggling and jiggling in essays and tests, assignments and case studies. I’m challenged, exhausted, energised and dazed – all at the same time. I am loving it.



I knew the timing was perfect for a new endeavour, with Zuzu now commuting to High School in the city. Most days I am on the ferry with her and if I have late classes, then she meets M and heads home with him.  I am fine with the house being a little disorderly, I can handle the brain strain, I’m even reveling in the early morning ferry commute – I sit with M and Zuzu, coffee and some relevant article in front of me. It’s working beautifully.


But! I am desperately missing my days fiddling around in the kitchen. I yearn for that feeling of bliss when I am sparked by an idea and all the ingredients before me with the whole day to play. I long to throw myself into a cooking project while my sweet people hover on the perimeter of the kitchen, sniffing and anticipating. I dream of sprinkling spices and herbs at will, savouring the aroma and later, the flavour.  I periodically vow I will spend one of my weekend days in my little kitchen cocoon but, invariably, I am either working on an assignment, reading for a class or attempting to wrangle the house into some recognizable shape. The house issue wouldn’t be such a big deal but the week after I started back at school, I decided to dissect and redecorate Zuzu’s bedroom. I even made her a desk. Unfortunately, as I pulled everything – EVERYTHING – out of her bedroom, I found resting spots for the leftovers in the hallway and the bathroom, not to mention the lounge and my bedroom. I need to go through it and store portions of it then hard-heartedly throw some of it away. There’s the dilemma. When might this happen?

My spirits soar on these new adventures and while I eagerly anticipate my first study break of the year, to get my house in order and enjoy a cooking revival ,  I guess I’ll just have to come to terms with the old adage:

If it’s not one thing, it’s another.




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